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Auckland Jacks and Jocks
Nude/semi-nude cruise session
Sundays 2-5pm, admission 2-2.30pm only
Price: $12
During the holidays there will be Jacks and Jocks sessions each Sunday as usual.

Auckland Arse*men
From fingers to fists and everything inbetween!
Monthly hosted arseplay night for learners and experts, observers and players, tops and bottoms. First Wednesday of each month in Lateshift playroom area.
7pm-Midnight, standard Lateshift admission prices apply.
BYO favourite lube and toys or purchase from Lateshift.


Sunday night sausage sizzle
Sausage, onions, tomato sauce & mustard in bread: $2 each

Monday night $6 Student special
Present your valid recognised tertiary institution ID (picture ID may also be required) to enter Lateshift for just $6 any time before 10pm.

Two nights for the price of one
Pay our standard $18 admission or $12 reduced 7-8pm admission on Monday night and receive an equivalent return pass for the following - Tuesday - night.



Easter Monday 21 April 2014

2-5pm, admission between 2-2.30 only.
$20 admission by invitation only.

Send your hot bod selfie now to:
to apply for an invitation!

Two of the men who have confirmed invitations,
just to whet your appetite!

Regular event third Wednesday every month. Starts Wednesday February 20th for Auckland Pride Festival. Be as anonymous as you want - wear your own mask or hood or use one of our loaner hoods. Masks and hoods optional. Watch this space for FAQs and more details!

1. Do I have to wear a mask or hood?
A: No, you can go bare-faced.

2. Can I wear my own mask or hood?
A: Yes. Or anything like a mask or hood which covers your face except for eyes and mouth etc. Eg: A balaclava would be fine!

3. What if I don't have my own mask or hood?
A: Lateshift can loan you one of our own lightweight cloth hoods. They are available in black for tops, light grey for bottoms and black & light grey combined for versatiles.

4. Can I wear my mask or hood on the way to Lateshift?
A: No, please do not wear masks or hoods in the street or when paying your admission. But you can slip your mask or hood on in our inside foyer before passing through into the club.

5. Does it cost extra?
A: No, normal admission prices apply... $12 7-8pm, $20 after 8pm.

6: Can I check clothes or other items at the counter?
A: Yes. And you can access your checked items at any time to retrieve things or check more items.

KIWIFIST 3 - February 2014
Kiwifist 2 in June was a huge success with just over 40 arseplayers, from total beginners to very seasoned experts, grouping together for around 90mins of semi-structured workshop on hot fisting and arseplay topics, conducted by Dr Mike Pohl and international fisting star Kiwimuzza.

Now we're planning for Kiwifist 3 to be held on two nights, Wednesday 12 & Saturday 15 February, during Auckland Pride Week.

Wednesday 12 February: Kiwifist 3 Forum.

Social hour and Sexual Health and Arseplay Safety Forum gathering at the Body Positive premises, 1/3 Poynton Terrace, Newton (a narrow side street off the Karangahape Rd end of Pitt Street) from 7pm.

Note: An error in the official Pride programme lists this event as being at Lateshift. It actually starts at 1/3 Poynton Tce at 7pm and later in the evening the action moves a few blocks away to Lateshift, as detailed above.

Expert advice and information will be available from Mark, a highly-qualified medic and 'asficionado'.
And to help you understand the physiology of the arse a live model will be anatomically painted to illustrate the internal workings of your favourite play area!
$20 admission includes entrance to Lateshift afterwards.

Saturday 15 February: Kiwifist 3 Playtime!

This 3pm through into the evening event at Lateshift will build on the success of the first Kiwifist event last February and more specific details will be posted here asap! $30 admission. Meanwhile the same Q+A as for all Kiwifist arseplay events are still listed below for you!

Enquiries to:

1: Will gloves be available?
We will have free vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves available throughout the play spaces in a variety of sizes.

2: Will lubes be available?
As usual we will have free packs of condoms and water-based lube sachets available throughout the club. We always have a variety of arseplay lubes for sale, including water-based and silicone lubes, J-lube, Crisco, aqueous cream, etc.

3. How many and what type of slings will you have at Kiwifist? We can now confirm we will have eight slings or sling-equivalents positioned in our playrooms, private and public maze areas: Five standard plate slings, one horizontal board sling, one angled board and a swing sling.

4: Will the slings be public or private?
Most of the slings will be in spaces where you can close a door for privacy if you wish, however, several will be in more public areas of our maze.

5: Do we have to finish at 7pm?
No, the club will be open to Kiwifisters only from 3-7pm, then general admission from then on. You can continue to play, who knows who you might convert to the delights of extreme arseplay!

6: Can I smoke inside Lateshift?
NZ law forbids smoking inside. But we will have a screened area adjacent to our front door where you can smoke without having to change into street clothes etc.

7: Do I have to practise safe sex?
Lateshift is committed to encouraging safe sexual activities which do not transmit sexual infections, especially HIV. While we cannot 'police' private areas of the club we ask that in all public or private areas you adopt a responsible and positive attitude to safe sex.

8: Do you have lockers or a check-on facility?
You can check in anything at any time at our main inside front counter. You can return to retrieve items etc. at any time.

9: Do I have to be an experienced fister to attend?
Kiwifist is open to anyone with an interest in fisting or extreme arseplay such as dildoes etc. You can come to Kiwifist regardless of whether you are a total beginner or a highly experienced 'expert'!

10:Do I have to do anything I an uncomfortable with?
Everyone at Kiwifist should respect the limits or interests of others. "No" means no.

11. What will the douche facilities be like?
We will have two douche/toilet cubicles operational in our toilet area. Our existing douche & toilet cubicle which has an attachment for our $3 disposable douche hoses; and a NEW douche/toilet cubicle being completed in time for Kiwifist will have shower mixer-type temperature control, maximum temperature limitation and outlets for either our $3 disposable douche hoses or any douche hose device designed to attach to a standard shower plumbing outlet.

12. Do you have a shower?
Yes. We have towels available for a $1 laundry charge or you can bring your own along and check it in with toiletries etc of your choice etc. while not needed.

13. What is the admission price?
The admission price of $30 will get you in the door of Lateshift for the afternoon and right through the night until 9am if you want.

14: Can I do a full douche at Lateshift?
You probably could. However, we are anticipating a fairly large number of men for the event and anyone taking over one of our two douche cubicles for the time required for a full deep douche might not be too popular! We would all prefer that you do your main douche before arriving and use our facilities for touching up.

If you have any other questions,