INCOGNITO is a regular monthly event held on the third Wednesday of every month.
Be as anonymous as you want - wear your own mask or hood or use one of our loaner hoods. Masks and hoods optional.

  • Next event:Thursday 21 November 2019
  • Admission:$12 (7pm-8pm) | $20 (8pm→)
  • Address: 25 Dundonald St, Eden Terrace, Auckland


  1. Do I have to wear a mask or hood?
    A: No, you can go bare-faced.

  2. Can I wear my own mask or hood?
    A: Yes. Or anything like a mask or hood which covers your face except for eyes and mouth etc. Eg: A balaclava would be fine!

  3. What if I don't have my own mask or hood?
    A: Lateshift can loan you one of our own lightweight cloth hoods. They are available in black for tops, light grey for bottoms and black & light grey combined for versatiles.

  4. Can I wear my mask or hood on the way to Lateshift?
    A: No, please do not wear masks or hoods in the street or when paying your admission. But you can slip your mask or hood on in our inside foyer before passing through into the club.

  5. Does it cost extra?
    A: No, normal admission prices apply... $12 7-8pm, $20 after 8pm.

  6. Can I check clothes or other items at the counter?
    A: Yes. And you can access your checked items at any time to retrieve things or check more items.